Het logboekstukje van vanavond zal ingevuld worden door 2 organisatoren van de cantus. Een warm applaus graag voor…… Guy Sie en Evan Settelaar!

Den cantus is een ritueel waar veel AEGEE leden in voorgaande jaren reeds mee kennisgemaakt hebben. Maar geen van deze leden is zich daadwerkelijk bewust van de diepere historie achter deze prachtige activiteit. Hiertoe kopieren wij het wetenschappelijk onderbouwd artikel uit de Cantus Codex:

"The elders of the original tribes inhabiting the lands currently known as the Netherlands convened every five years to honor the gods of Satisfaction and Wellbeing. After the ice age of 26 B.C. these tribes were displaced and the ancient rituals accompanying them were lost except for one ancient and holy ritual: the Cantus.
A secret society, existing from the Roman era up to the early Dark Ages, became the keepers of this holy tradition. They managed to keep it a secret until the third crusade to the Holy Lands, where the ancient scrolls detailing the ritual were lost during a drinking game performed during the last supper. The winner, a handicapped yet fairly sympathetic dog-trainer and innkeeper, attempted to exploit the ritual for entertainment value but failed miserably because the black plague completely wiped out all his participants. The scrolls, now considered cursed by the innkeeper, were buried along with the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and the Holy Handgrenade.
Several centuries later during the less successful days of the VOC (Dutch East Indian Trading Company) the more or less retarded captain Iglo, searching for Papua New Guinea, accidentally landed on the shores of what is now known as Israel. While excavating for gasoline for his galleon he dug up these artifacts. During his return voyage, he lost the Ark, the Grail and the Handgrenade in a slightly explosive accident involving divine intervention. After returning to the port of Amsterdam in a slightly singed ship, the scrolls were ironically lost again during a drinking game. The winner, the young and able bodied Dutch student Jan van der Binsbergen, realized the potential of the cantus and introduced it to his fellow students. It has been a student tradition ever since. The oldest codex still remaining, written by Leonardo Da Vinci, can be found in the highly secured yet rarely visited Western Wing of the Louvre in Paris." (Settelaar, Sie & Vendel, 2008)

Ergo; het was goed! Je had erbij moeten zijn. Want: Everything that happens at the cantus, stays at the cantus.

Settelaar, V.E., Sie, H.G., & Vendel, M.W. (2008) Cantuscodex, 2. Enschede: Xerox.